Feng Fei meets with guests of Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne


On September 11, Feng Fei, Secretary of Hainan Provincial Committee of the CPC met with Markus Venzin, CEO of Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne (EHL) Group and his delegation.

Feng Fei expressed welcome to Markus Venzin and his colleagues. He introduced that Hainan was accelerating the development of a free trade port with global influence and Chinese characteristics, as well as the building of an international tourism consumption center. Tourism is one of the four pillar industries of Hainan. The sound and rapid development of tourism industry cannot be achieved without the support of a high-level professional team of hotel management personnel. As Hainan and EHL share a good cooperation foundation, running an independent education project by EHL is in accordance with both the education opening up of Hainan FTP and the requirements of Hainan’s tourism and modern service industry development. Hainan highly values this project and will provide its full support. He expressed his wish that both parties would fully leverage the favourable policies such as the policy for high-level overseas universities and vocational schools running schools and the visa-free policies for tourists from 59 countries. With this meeting as an opportunity, he hopes more pragmatic measures will be taken to facilitate this education project to be implemented as soon as possible.

Markus Venzin thanked the large amount of preparation work Hainan has done for the EHL independent education project. He believed that this project is of great strategic importance for EHL. The purpose of his visit to Hainan is to focus on Hainan’s needs for talents, optimize the working procedures and finish all preparation work for the project based on the good cooperation foundation. EHL is ready to forge synergy with Hainan to accelerate the project and achieve win-win cooperation in various areas.

Vice Governor Xie Jing attended the meeting.

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Copyright 2021 Foreign Affairs Office of Hainan Province.
All rights reserved.